Paul Whibley’s Race Report: Mid East Rnd 1 Palmetto Raceway

Bit of a tough start to the season with a sixth place finish at the first Rnd of the Mid East Series. I got a good jump off the line from an average gate pick on the outside. I ran deep into the turn and nearly took the holeshot but had to settle into second for a mile until I could push through to the front. Once in the lead I tried to go early as there was a large entry for this event and I knew lappers were going to be tough. I opened up a gap on Josh Strang and Ricky Russell who were running 2nd and 3rd. I mile or so from the end of the lap I think I had maybe 10 or 15 seconds lead, and my rear brake went out. I almost crashed twice not being able to stop for turns and ploughed into the woods. I decided to back it down and pull into the pits when I could, to assess the problem. I pulled over and let Josh and Ricky by, then Takashi and Bollinger came by too with Matt Nix and Callan May right behind me when I pulled off the track. Darrell Raines lent a hand and helped fix the problem but by the time I re-joined the race I was a long way back.

I decided to keep riding and complete the race, to get some good bike time before the upcoming GNCC in Florida in a week.

1st: Josh Strang
2nd: Ricky Russell
3rd: Takashi Koikeda

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2010 Pirelli Big Buck GNCC Recap

The past week and a half has been pretty crazy. Not only because I’ve been pretty busy but I waded myself up on the dirt bike when I went out riding with the guys over at FTI Racing. I tried to jump a creek, failing miserably, and ended up breaking my collarbone.That little mishap happened on April 3rd.

Later on the following week I went to visit a orthopedic doctor and found out I would need surgery for the bone to heal correctly. They wanted to do the surgery as soon as possible as it would get more difficult as the bone healed. We opted to have the surgery this past Monday as I had obligations on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday’s obligation was to head down to Union, SC and film some of the GNCC race going on. I’ve been doing this at every stop so far and posting the videos on Filming the race was a pain in the ass as I had to carry around the tripod and camera as I tried to get various spots shot of the race. Not the easiest thing I’ve had to do but I’m glad I pushed through the discomfort. The video I edited is good but definitely not one of my favorites but what can you do. Not every one of them can be a home run.

Here is the recap video of the 2010 Pirelli Big Buck GNCC. Enjoy.

Dirt Scootin’ Boogie DVD Preview

Last August Charkie Huegel, Jared Bolton, and myself thought it would be a cool idea to film some off-road motocross riders and put together a DVD. Even though I should have known better, we thought we would organize a ride day in Oil City, PA with a few guys and we would have enough footage. I can’t exactly tell you what I was puffing on but that wasn’t the case. We made it around the wooded area of Venus, PA for about 8 hours and ended up with about 40 minutes of footage, edited down about 5 minutes. We still needed about 40-45 minutes worth of footage for a good off-road DVD.

I’ve been spending my time since then getting together with riders and attending races gathering footage for the project. I’m not quite done with filming but I have things in the pipeline and will be finished with filming soon.

The title of the upcoming DVD, being released through my production company Scratch N Sniff Productions, is Dirt Scootin’ Boogie. It will feature off-road riders Charkie Huegel, Mark Fortner, Chris Buzzelli, and others to be named at a later date. The release is scheduled for April 2010, hopefully for mid-April.

I put together a 3 minute preview of the DVD. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Dirt Scootin’ Boogie DVD Preview from Scratch N Sniff Productions on Vimeo.

Battle of Atlanta 8 Hour Team Race

This past weekend I headed down to Social Circle, GA to shoot video of the 8 hour team race that was being held down there. I rode down with Charkie Huegel and Mark Fortner who were going to be racing in the pro class, as Team Goon Hammer.

The race itself had some awesome obstacles you don’t see very often. Besides the cold weather, I had a great time.

Jason Hooper over at posted the video I edited of the weekend. Check out the link or the video embedded here:

Battle of Atlanta 8 Hour Team Race from Scratch N Sniff Productions on Vimeo.

2009 AMA Endurocross – Florence, SC

Long time no update! How are you guys doing? Cool…Coool…oh my god you’re boring me. Let’s talk about something a little more interesting…like me!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve made any updates and I won’t go into filling in the blanks right now. I wanted to share with you guys a video I put together from this past weekend’s Endurocross race down in Florence, SC. The race was Round 3 of the AMA Endurocross series. I’ve been spending this summer filming motocross riders from around this area for a TV I’m putting together. One of those riders is Charkie Huegel. He invited me to join him for his first attempt at the EX series. I got some great footage and made a short little video.

Check it out!

2009 AMA Endurocross Florence, SC from Scratch N Sniff Productions on Vimeo.

Also check out the podcast I did with Charkie. Link

Whoa There

It feels like it’s been forever since the site has even crossed my mine. I was browsing around on just a minute ago and the SRR blog popped into my head. I thought I was brush off the dust and make a quick and pointless post.

Nothing much going on with me. I’m still trying to kickstart some things with myself and figure out my own workflow for getting things done. It’s coming along slowly but that’s better than nothing. I picked up a Moleskin and started keeping a To-Do list of the simplest things. You know like “Wipe butt after going #2″ or “Remember to pee in the shower while water is running”. Nothing is more embarassing than your wife wondering why there’s dried yellow spots in the bath tube. The list has been going awesome! Totally awesome.

What else? What else?

In early March I went to the orientation meeting for Raleigh’s public access station, RTN. I met this guy Tony there who’s in the process of trying to get some comic and animations off the ground. I told him about some of the stuff I’ve done and we hit it off. We’re now working on some projects together, one of them being a short horror film called Mary. I’ll definitely be posting more about the stuff we’re doing. But that’s pretty much it for now.

There are a few other things I want to post about but think they all deserve their own posts. I’ll get around to those soon…maybe sometime this year. Hopefully. Some of the things I want to post about: Atlanta Supercross, Jax Supercross, Canon XH-1A, Suzuki RM-250 Project, Editing, Shooting Guns, Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy (Yes it is).

Something to look forward to.

Changes to the Site

You may have noticed some changes to It’s that time of year where I get bored of things and need to change something up.

The biggest change is the site design. I got tired of looking at the maroon vomit of the last theme. Since I’m not really in the mood to work on a theme from the ground up I decided to use one from WooThemes. I put together a simple logo and poof…finished. Nice and simple I think.

The other change was getting rid of Entrecard. For the past couple weeks my interest in the application has been dying off. As much as I like having people reading the random crap that comes out of my mind, I’m don’t want to over load the site with ads. This isn’t something I’m trying to make money at, it would be nice but still isn’t my goal. Plus I don’t think there is much money to make from ads on a diarrhea posting. Then came the recent Entrecard announcement and the stuff that played out on their forums.  Graham, founder of Entrecard, has proven time and time again the kind of person he is. To put it in the nicest words I know how, the guy is a douche bag. No matter what positive things I was getting out of Entrecard,  I’m not going to support and promote a tool (referring to Graham the tool, not the Entrecard tool) like that.  I fully intend to continue supporting the blogs and friends I’ve made through the service. Hopefully, you will continue reading this blog.

Those are the major changes with the site. I did make some other smalls things but nothing worth mentioning.

What Have You Done For Me Lately

The title really doesn’t have much to do with anything except my like for randomly thinking about 80′s musical lyrics.

Ooh ooh ooh yeah

There isn’t much going on in my little world. I’ve been trying to climb out of this rut that I got myself into, only the harder I try the deeper I get. What I’m finding is that once you let negativity into your thought process it becomes a cancer and takes over. From that point on no matter how hard you try, the negativity will corner you in the shower and have it’s way with you. I refuse to let negativity corn hole me.

I’ve developed a nice little tool (Ha! little…tool) that helps me fight off the negative thoughts. When I feel them coming I stop what I’m doing and scream “I am no longer your bitch anymore. I…I say who gets to corn hole me. Not you, you bastard!”. This helps me push those feelings away and it invites the positive thoughts in.

Seriously, thanks to some medication I’m able to see some light at the end of the tunnel. To say it’s been a nice departure from the normal doom and gloom would be an understatement. With the fog lifting, I’ve been able to get an idea where I want to be in the grand scheme of things…professionally speaking (typing) that is. I won’t go into what I want to do right now. I tend to lose some steam on these types of things when I let them out of my head too soon. Hopefully, I will be able to stay focused on the goals and actually achieve them. Man, having a sense of achievement would be an awesome feeling, one that I haven’t felt in awhile. Bring it on!

There are some things I’ve been meaning to post about and I will get those done this week.

How to Rehab a Gas Tank

Encountering a rusty gas tank during a bike build can take the wind out of your sails in a heartbeat. Well maybe not for everyone, but for beginners it’s a huge obstacle. pipeworx over at the Jockey Journal forums has posted a great thread on a gas tank rehab.

Well, I have a client that is having me build them a motorcycle and I ran into some problems on the tank today. I thought that since I was having to repair the tank that I would share a little and possibly help someone else out. First, let me apologize for the blury pics as everything was taken with my cell phone. The tank is an old banana wassel. I do not know if they repop these but even if one could be found it would need to have the tunnel modified for the frame that is being used. Here is a pic of what I started with, looks like a clean vintage tank.



Check out the thread for more information and ton more pictures.